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Making Window Shades Simple

site_livingroomopen.jpgRedi Shade is dedicated to making window coverings simple and easy.  We started in 1991 with the goal of creating a simple, easy solution to the problem of bare windows in a new home. For many of us, the solution for this problem varied from newspaper, to bed sheets, to aluminum foil, to nothing at all.  Our solution was a pleated paper shade that you could trim yourself to virtually any size, than hang without the need for screws or brackets.  We thought it was a pretty neat solution - simple, easy, fast, and affordable.  

Over 20 years later, we’re still making our Original Clipped Paper and Fabric shades at our factory in Northern California.  As we have grown and added new colors, styles, and innovation to our product family, we work hard to ensure they continue to provide our customers with these four enduring attributes.    

Whether your need is a quick fix, light control or privacy, energy savings or safety, or you just need a window shade that looks good for a great price, we think we've got you covered.

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